I visited Minneapolis for a concert

We had central heat in the room

My girlfriend and I were living in the south, and we were accustomed to the warm and humid temperatures there. When we decided to go to a concert in Minneapolis, it was a spur of the moment decision. Both of us wanted to see the band and it was the end of their touring dates. Minneapolis was the closest place to us and that was still two plane rides away. We bought tickets to the concert which was only 3 days away when we made the purchase. We had to pay about $700 each for the plane tickets, because we did not plan ahead of time. When we visited Minneapolis for the concert, we did not consider what the temperatures might be like when the plane landed. When we left the south, it was 80° outside and my girlfriend and I were in shorts, t-shirts, and we were not wearing jackets. When we landed in Minneapolis, temperatures were about 40°. Neither one of us bothered to check the temperatures in Minneapolis. We went to a mall as soon as the plane arrived, so we could get clothes that were much more warm and comfortable. My girlfriend bought a pair of boots as well. It snowed the night that we were in Minneapolis, and it was frigid. I’m also glad we chose a hotel with a good heating system. We had central heat in the room. It got cold very quickly when the snow started falling. Temperatures dropped and we turned the thermostat to 72 degrees to stay warm. Going to the concert was quite an adventure.

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