I needed help with the AC soon

My mom and dad moved to Ocala about 15 years ago and they decided to buy a house in a premier neighborhood called The Villages.

At the time that my parents moved, The Villages was still a very new place.

There were a few shops and houses, but back then The Villages was just an idea. After 15 years, The Villages has grown in size. My mom and dad still live in the same house, but the neighborhood has grown around them. When they moved, there was only a shopping center, fitness center, and a couple of small shops and boutiques. Now there are more than 50 different shops and businesses within two blocks of my mom’s place. I went to visit my mom a couple of weeks ago. She told me that there was a problem with the AC unit and she needed to get it fixed. She didn’t know who to call, so I decided to drive to The Villages to look at her air conditioner. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to fix the problem, but I knew that I would be able to find someone to help my mom and dad. I looked at the AC unit and checked all of the regular problems that can keep the unit from working properly. I checked the thermostat, air filter, motor, fuses, and the breaker. When I was unable to service the system, I decided to call for an AC repair in The Villages. There were several AC repair companies close by and many of those businesses had same day services.
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