I love checking out the giraffes at the Denver Zoo

A few people have number one animals that they really adore, plus I am no exception.

  • I totally appreciate all pets, but I have a few that are just my absolute number ones.

I prefer elephants plus would like the actual chance to help them survive when I eventually choose to retire. I prefer otters; some people say they are very similar to rats, but I suppose they are nothing but playful critters who just enjoy having a great time. More than these types of animal, though, I entirely am able to relate to giraffes. Growing up, I was basically always taller than all the others my own age, plus I suppose my fascination with the long-necked creatures started during that particular time. The Denver Zoo has beautiful giraffes! If you want to plus are speedy enough, you can actually get some tickets to the Giraffe Encounter which allows you to feed the giraffes after the park is shut down for the night. Fair warning, though, it is most often sold out! Just seeing the giraffes is a pleasant experience, even if you don’t get to join the feeding. Watching them on TV is good plus all, however seeing the giraffes in person at the Denver Zoo makes you see just how tall these appealing creatures happen to be. Their legs are as tall as us. Just the legs! The prehensile tongue of the giraffe allows it to swoop its tongue all around a branch plus totally strip the leaves off the branch in one fell swoop. At the zoo, I was able to learn that giraffes have a heart that weighs about 25 pounds – way bigger than the size of our daughter when she was born! Everything is pretty large on a giraffe, I suppose. Even though it is legal to use cannabis too recreationally in Denver, nothing will get you quite as high as feeding the giraffes at Denver Zoo.


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