I don’t want my mother to leave to New Mexico

My mom has been talking to some guy online for approximately 6 weeks.

I genuinely knew the guy was from Albuquerque, New Mexico, however I never expected my mom to ever transfer out of state. Recently, my mom plus I went out to supper in the city, and both of us were having a pretty nice evening. My mom decided it was the best time to drop a massive bomb in my lap! She told me that she was planning to transfer to Albuquerque, New Mexico very soon. I thought my mom was totally kidding, however the look on her face was certainly serious. My mom told me that the guy said he wanted to marry her, however he didn’t want to transfer to the east coast because New Mexico has legal cannabis! The guy lives in Albuquerque plus I guess he uses cannabis constantly. I can’t believe my mom would go for a guy that smokes cannabis all the time. Everyday in high school she said to me to never do drugs, plus now she has fallen with some pothead. Albuquerque has legal cannabis dispensaries pretty much everywhere around the city plus the guy does not actually have the desire to give that up. I’m totally worried about my mom and I don’t know if she will be safe. She has no clue whatsoever what it will be similar to living in a huge city like Albuquerque. I believe there are a great deal of activities, museums, plus cultural events, however my mom has lived in a small town with a population of 1600 people for the length of her life. Moving to Albuquerque is going to be some culture shock for her.


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