I didn't inspect at the thermostat before calling

The heat came right on as well.

My partner & I came house from the films & there was no heat in the house, i instantly got on the cellphone with the Sioux Falls repair service, and there’s a magnet on our refrigerator from the Sioux Falls repair service, because my partner & I have had a number of problems with the a/c system & the heater, but our house is about 71 years old & so is the HVAC duct, but my friend and I had to update some of the HVAC duct last year & the service serviceman told us that it was time to guess about replacing the heater & the cooling system. I figured it was time when my associate and I came house from the films & the heater wasn’t working. I contacted the emergency service repair provider. I had to call the business in Sioux Falls twice, before someone answered the cellphone! About an hour after I made the call, my partner decided to check the batteries in the thermostat. I knew that the repair service was on the way & I didn’t even look at the thermostat after I called. My partner changed the batteries & the thermostat powered right on. The heat came right on as well. I called the repair business for no reason. In fact, it seemed like the only problem my associate and I were having was with the thermostat, so I called to cancel the service appointment & repair professional. The kid was already on his way to our home. I felt bad to cancel, although I didn’t want to pay the repair tech for any unnecessary parts or repairs.


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