I couldn't know she hoped to go to Ragtops Automobile Museum.

Last month, my niece told us she was having a theme anniversary instead of a respected anniversary… I thought this was great, however it may be a theme few people cared to attend, and she laughed in addition to told us that me in addition to gramps would feel right at home.

I had a feeling I was going to be insulted, in addition to I wasn’t wrong.

She told me it was a Roaring 20s theme, in addition to they were having it at Ragtops Automobile Museum, then my fiance told me the only reason I wouldn’t go is because I had gotten too fat for my flapper dress. I wasn’t too fat, in addition to I ran upstairs to the attic to rummage through the aged crate! Living in Royal Palm Beach, FL put me only a short distance from Ragtops Automobile Museum, however my associate and I had never been there. It was too tepid to go outside, in addition to she wanted to stay inside… One time it was winter, in addition to tourists would be there. I thought she was kidding about going to Ragtops, since she said about Summer in addition to heat, in addition to I knew they would have air conditioning; Now, our granddaughter is getting married at the Ragtops Automobile Museum. I wish I could describe all the cars they had for sale, in addition to all about their museum. It was amazing, in addition to I could actually see a anniversary taking place here. A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I remember hearing my Grandmother talk about the Roaring 20s… She asked me if I truly didn’t want to go to the anniversary. I told him I still fit in the dress, however my associate and I had to find him a Zoot Suit made for huskies.



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