I absolutely did need heater service

My Plano Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership was having a sale on HVAC duct cleaning, and i did some research since I had never had my ducts cleaned before.

Is it necessary? What do they do? I found that HVAC duct cleaning is something that should happen every 5-7 years, however this is because the air that is blowing around your home goes through the ducts to achieve room by room temperature control.

The air pulls in hair, dust, dirt, dead skin cells, insects, pet dander, and so several more gross things, then you entirely need to have the area scrubbed since you don’t want to be breathing in those gross things. I didn’t have high expectations for my local Plano Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business. I didn’t guess a HVAC duct cleaning appointment would be worth it. The TX Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier had cameras that they insert into the ducts. It shows you real time images of what it looks like there. Mine were covered in dust, there was mold, and tons of hair. It was disgusting. Then they use this vacuum that sucks out all the poor stuff separate from doing any harm to the fragile insides of the ducts; After that, they stick the camera back up in there to show you what was done. It was amazing to see the difference. It was so much fresher and cleaner. I loved that I had visual proof that I did something good for my house. I now made a mark in my calendar that every five years I am calling that Plano, TX supplier to schedule HVAC duct cleaning.


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