Hot, stuffy air was due to the ductwork

For a long time I was just living with inferior A/C conditions, but my air was hot, stuffy, and slightly smelly, however what was going on with it? I then realized that I needed to prioritize my cooling istation, however living in Plano, Texas means that I deal with high heat and brutal humidity basically all year! Going separate from an optimal A/C unit just isn’t possible… I blamed my main indoor air handler for the stuffy air. I had a Plano A/C tech come to my condo to inspect the innerworkings! She checked over the fan blades, motor belt, condensate drain, and all moving parts. She cleaned the air filter, added more coolant, and said it was enjoyable to go. I tried the A/C again and still there was hot air around my house, and the A/C professional then did some inspecting. Turns out the problem was not with the unit, however with the connected ductwork. There was a crack along the seam of the duct. That crack was allowing the Texas, stuffy air to leak inside the house. The condo felt warmer and the A/C had to work harder, but no wonder my energy bills were so high. The A/C professional was able to patch the seam with sealant particles that she shot up in there. It took him less than an hour. There was no odor, residue, or venice of the job. I did notice that my condo felt so much colder after she did the ductwork sealing appointment. It shows you that you need to have your A/C situation assessed on a yearly basis in Plano, TX.



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