High velocity AC for an older home

When I bought my house in Fort Worth, TX it didn’t occur to me until too late that there was no ductwork.

  • It was an older home and two stories.

I have no idea if the previous person survived the Texas summers without a good air conditioner. I didn’t see anything when I moved in. They must have window units in every room. Not only is that a huge energy drain but it is ugly. Can you imagine? So I have started shopping around for AC options in Fort Worth and realized the lack of ductwork puts me in a pickle. I thought my only options were ductless mini splits in every room of the house. I hated the look of those bulky indoor air handlers. They take up wall space and also look too commercial in my opinion. Thankfully I did some research and found that high velocity cooling systems use half the size of ductwork and they are flexible. The bendy material can fit into the slats of an older home without the invasive ductwork installation requirements. It also can quickly whip the air around to lower the temperature in minutes rather than hours. I had to google and ask around before finding a Fort Worth cooling business that could do high velocity installation. It was worth paying a long distance fee and having it all completed. Now I have a powerful cooling system that can handle two stories of living without having any sort of unit or wiring. It has saved me so much space.

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