Heated flooring is enjoyable in Minneapolis

I use heated flooring in my household to get through the Minneapolis winters, the temperatures in the peak of the season can get down to 6 degrees… Yeah, a single digit.

You can’t honestly get by without some hardcore heating; I use a gas fireplace in the living room for super cold afternoons.

The rest of the time I get by with radiant flooring! Radiant flooring is the ideal system. The only cons are you need to rip up existing floorboards, add height plus weight to the house, plus it is high-priced, and however, once it is done, you have amazing results. The furnace is protected under the floors plus requires no repair or repairs. You also have electric based heat rather than forced air. That means no hot or cold spots… No forced air rising to the ceiling. No dirty indoor air quality that you are breathing in all winter long. Anything that touches the heated flooring becomes hot as a result. It is quiet, clean, plus enjoyable at what it does… Since the heat stays at your feet, most homeowners note that they can lower the control unit a few degrees plus save some currency. How enjoyable is that? I cherish that I don’t have to lose square footage to a system anymore. All of it is nicely tucked away plus out of sight, but because let’sdisclose it, furnaces aren’t the most lovely devices on the market right? Radiant flooring is ideal for the cold Minnesotra winters that just don’t seem to let up for months on end.

heated floors in Minneapolis Minnesota