Heated flooring in my Birmingham house

When I moved into my new house in Birmingham, Alabama I decided that I wanted to do some major renovations.

  • I decided on redoing the flooring.

I didn’t want that gross brown rug anymore, but instead to upgrade to gray tile. I ripped up all the rugs, that gross padding, and then laid down a cement board. Thankfully my brother mentioned heated flooring when I was in the process. I was ready to set up the heated floors. All I needed was the electric heated mats to go over the cement board and to put the tile on top of that. My heating system is then sealed in and protected. For about 15 years it would be safe and work fine. By then things start to wear out. That is fine though, that is probably when I would want to redo the flooring anyway. I am really glad that I made the splurge and hired a Birmingham, AL HVAC dealer to do the heated flooring installation. I got to take a moment and relax during my project. The heated mats are now in every room of the house and the tile was laid over top once they finished. Having the heating system at my feet is amazing. The heated air doesn’t rise. It doesn’t make noise or stir up dust. Since the heat stays where you want it, I am able to lower the thermostat a few degrees. This results in huge energy savings. I love the heating system I have now. It was a worthy investment.


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