Going to school in Tampa

I live in Keystone Heights, Florida which really is somewhere you have never heard of! It is a really small part of Florida that does not have much, and we have two excruciating grocery stores, a small bank, and nothing else really… Anytime you want to go somewhere or do something fun, you are making the trip up an hour to Jacksonville.

  • Well now is the time that I need to start considering schools.

What is nice about Florida is being such a large state. I looked at Florida State and Jax Universities. I wasn’t pleased; So I have widened my search to Tampa. If I choose to go to school in Tampa I will be around three hours away from home! That isn’t great, however it is doable. I am still doing in-state tuition and nearby home. It is far enough away that it is highly unlikely I will know most people there. I adore the look of all the schools. Tampa seems like an exciting city. There is a lot to do, locales to eat, to shop, and there is a professional hockey team there. The weather is even more attractive than where I live. I can expect longer, sunnier conditions when living in Tampa. I am just about sold on that area, I need to choice out the dream school. Since the neighborhood of Tampa is so large, I have more than one option which is easily nice. Who knows, I might end up finding a dream job in Tampa and then just staying there forever.


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