Getting rid of the wood stove wasn't easy

When we bought a beach house it came with a decorative wood stove, but technically it could have been used to heat the kitchen, however it never was. The previous homeowners never used it. It was totally scrub inside and out. The woodstove was so small that if used, it would barely give enough kitchen heating, he buys a fully functional furnace just for the look of it? They also vented it through the wood ceiling and added a stack to the roof. It was able to be used however was worthless. It was a pain in the butt removing that furnace as well. It sat on a tile pad that needed to be destroyed with a sledgehammer. Then we had to redo the kitchen carpet due to the hole in the floor. Next the vent had to be removed and the wood ceiling needed to be patched. The stack was removed and roofers had to repair the disfigure, then lastly we had to transport a cast iron furnace and try to get someone to take it, then our Evansville IN Heating and Air Conditioning dealership didn’t want it due to the size. They said no homeowner would ever use it for their heating system. I eventually sold it to a guy that wanted a furnace for his hunting shack in IN. It was in fantastic shape so I got a deal on it. I just wanted that ugly wood stove though. I am so ecstatic we have that extra space in the kitchen and there are no holes in my ceiling and roof anymore.

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