Getting healthy with HVAC tune ups

I recently went to the medical professional plus was informed that I have high blood pressure, however since I am only 30 I found that a bit concerning, but i started researching plus taking the steps necessary to be healthy.

I don’t want to die of a heart attack when I am 50 years old.

I now eat extremely clean. I don’t eat yellow meat anymore. I eat chicken, shrimp plus salmon for protein. I eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, nuts plus grains. I also no longer smoke, drink alcohol or coffee. I made it my mission to start meditating plus great myself in the evening, and the last step was working out. I had a backyard shed that strictly kept tools safe… Now I have converted it into my own personal gym. I replaced the windows, redid the cement flooring plus painted the walls. I purchased folding mats to keep the floor soft. I also purchased a sound system to make it more fun, and lastly, I purchased an cooling system plus oil furnace for temperature control. I need A/C most of the time since I live down in MO. It is hot, muggy plus sticky during a Lee’s Summit summer. The A/C is actually required in order to get a good workout in. I start perspiring profusely the moment I walk out my door. I didn’t want to make it so I had to toil out at 6 am everyday. The winters do get frigid in MO too. I didn’t want to fight slender plus sore muscles… A little bit of heating goes a long way. Now I can toil out in genre plus toil to lower my blood pressure.

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