Family friendly Lakeland

Lakeland just seems so pretty and like a classier area than usual

My whole family is planning to rent a house in Lakeland, FL. My parents, brothers, sister in laws, cousins, aunt and uncles, and all the kids are living in one big house. In Lakeland, Florida there are all kinds of places you can rent out and enjoy the sights. I like that Lakeland seems really clean, safe, and family friendly. There is a lot to do and if you don’t want to, the sights are just as pretty from the house. My husband and I have one son and we are thinking about staying close to the rental rather than going out and about. I think playing near the water, walking through town, and being at the rental will be good enough. One thing that is great about Florida is the weather. We are thinking of going in the summer when it is hot, but not scorching just yet. We will need the house AC on high in order to be comfortable. However, it won’t be so hot that it will be dangerous to the kids. I plan to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock for my little boy. Most of the time he will be in the various lakes enjoying himself. That was my main stipulation for this trip. I Wanted to stay within the state of Florida but also be near water. That isn’t hard to do with Florida though. Lakeland just seems so pretty and like a classier area than usual. I think the whole family is going to have a great time since Lakeland caters to a variety of interests.

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