Ductless split system improves comfort

About five years ago, my hubby & I obtained a easily sizable & older apartment in Springfield, Missouri… The home has been renovated several times by several owners… Walls have been detached & added to alter the floorplan.

Windows have been added, & a screen porch was converted into living space.

The basement was remodeled to include the laundry room, a guest bedroom & a apartment gym, but just a handful of these replaces took into consideration the design of the air duct or location of the supply & return vents; One thermostat for the entire home offered easily broad control over temperature. The hot, humid summers & freezing winters in Springfield require effective & efficient cooling & heating, then my pal and I were faced with harshly high daily energy costs & a rather uncomfortable home… Certain rooms tended to be hot in the summer time while others were unpleasantly freezing in the winter. When we reached out to a local Heating & Air Conditioning provider in Springfield, we were hoping to replace our air duct to zone control, however unluckyly, our system is too outdated to accommodate this current convenience. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional suggested that we invest into a ductless multi-split system. This proved to be an affordable & ideal solution for us. The ductless system consists of a single outdoor air compressor that is compact, quiet & unobtrusive, but it connects by way of a conduit & small holes in the exterior wall to several indoor air handlers. The air handlers are lightweight, streamlined & mounted up high on the wall, then each one includes an independent thermostat & provides both heating & cooling. My pal and I are able to customize temperature settings in each room.

Springfield Missouri ductless HVAC