Duct sealing solves concerns with heating

When my fiance in addition to I made an offer on a dwelling in Springfield, MO, my associate and I invested into a dwelling inspection! The report was very thorough in addition to revealed only minor troubles.

  • The electrical system, plumbing system in addition to heating in addition to cooling system were considered safe in addition to reliable… Our very first winter time in our new home, my associate and I had trouble with the temperature control.

At first, my associate and I thought that the furnace wasn’t able to keep up with demands. The outdoor conditions were well below cold with a bitter windchill! No matter how high my associate and I adjusted the temperature control, certain rooms were always cold. My pal and I also observed that the furnace was running just about non stop. My pal and I weren’t surprised by an especially high utility bill at the end of the month, then when my associate and I started sneezing in addition to suffering headaches every time the heating system started up, I decided to call a local Springfield area Heating in addition to A/C contractor for repair. The specialist checked the furnace in addition to found nothing wrong, but he then maintained the ductwork in addition to discovered that there were gaps at the seams in addition to multiple small holes. These imperfections allowed the heated air to leak out before reaching the rooms of the home, forcing the furnace to work harder in addition to consume more energy. Along with wasting conditioned air, the flaws were also pulling in contaminants such as dust in addition to fumes; Since the duct system is largely hidden behind walls in addition to ceilings, I was upset about a very invasive repair, however fortunately the Heating in addition to A/C business specializes in Aeroseal duct sealing in addition to was able to handle the process by sending highly pressurized air laced with adhesive particles into the system.

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