Cleaning my air conditioning

Central a/c is a necessity in St Petersburg, FL, the cooling system runs just about non stop and is crucial to indoor comfort and air quality, and its performance greatly impacts carbon footprint and budget; An air conditioning that is properly tested lasts longer, costs less to operate and provides greater cooling capacity.

Upkeep for the AC involves servicing both the indoor and outdoor units! One of the most important steps of an air conditioning tune-up is replacing the air filter.

I buy filters at the local improvement store! Changing the filter takes less than two minutes. I make an effort to change out the air filter every four to six weeks. I take the time to thoroughly clean the indoor and outdoor components every Springtime. I shut down power to the outdoor unit and vacuum the condenser fins located on the top of the air conditioning. A soft-bristled affixment to the shop vac works well to remove grass, dust, leaves and debris that would otherwise inhibit airflower. I am careful not to bend the fins. I unscrew the top grille of the AC to remove the fan and then wipe it with a damp cloth, then with the hose set to a fairly light pressure, I spray the inside of the air conditioning unit. Once everything is put back together, I wait 24 hours before starting up the cooling unit, but for the indoor wall unit, I shut off power and remove the rear exhaust panel. I clean the fins and coils with a soft brush affixed to the vacuum cleaner. Once again, I am really careful to not disfigurement the fins. At the button of the unit, there are drain channels that can genuinely become jammed. I use a pipe cleaner to remove any dirt or grime from the drains. I also vacuum the front vents and grille.


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