Choosing partners before you know their HVAC settings

Every one of us pick out partners in life based on a lot of things; Are the two of us attracted to them? Are their goals similar to ours? Are the two of us people who can live together long term? Those are all pressing factors that the two of us consider, however once you move in together and begin your life, other things crop up; There are key factors that all the people don’t consider, but how about that as a couple you are expected to share a room, and my husband and I are really compatible people, however not sleep wise.

He wants to have a fan blowing on him at night; I want a nice thick comforter.

He tends to hoard and have way too much junk in his room. I like my space feeling empty. It makes no sense for us to share a space. Another key factor is the setting on the control unit, then when you go on a date with someone you never ask what their ideal temperature would be. Would they rather be too sizzling or too cold? A/C or heating? You just celebration, move in and rapidly realize that you both know there is a perfect temperature for the Hillsboro OR home. My husband and I strongly disagree on our ideal temperature. He easily runs sizzling and would like to have the new home around 69 degrees all year. When in doubt he feels it is necessary for cooling and no need to run the heater. I would like a 69 degree learning without using the A/C hardly at all. The moment it gets cold, turn on that heater, the two of us live in OR for goodness sake!

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