Can’t believe my father is leaving to another state

My father has been talking to a girl online for the past 6 weeks, and I knew the girl was from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I never expected my Dad to ever travel out of state. A week ago, my Dad plus I went out to dinner in the city, then the two of us were having a particularly nice night, however my Dad made the choice that it was the perfect time to drop an immense bomb in my lap… He easily told me that he was planning to transport to Albuquerque, New Mexico in a week. I thought my Dad was only kidding, but the look on his face was serious. My Dad told me that the girl wanted to marry him, even though he didn’t want to transport to our area because New Mexico has legal cannabis. The girl currently lives in Albuquerque plus I suppose she uses cannabis every single day. I cannot believe my Dad fell in love with a girl that smokes weed all the time. Everyday in high school he told never to do drugs, plus now he has fallen in love with some type of pot smoker. Albuquerque has legal cannabis dispensaries all over the place plus the girl doesn’t want to give that up. I’m truly concerned for my Dad plus his safety. He genuinely has no clue what it will be like to live in an immense city similar to Albuquerque. I know there are a good amount of activities, museums, plus cultural events, but my father has lived in a place with a population of 1500 people for the duration of his years. Moving to Albuquerque is going to be a major shock to his system.


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