Attending a Tampay Bay Lightning game

My hubby and I are large hockey fans, and my buddy and I enrolled our boys into a hockey program right after they learned to walk.

My buddy and I cherish attending NHL games… Living in the northeastern part of the country, my buddy and I watch most the games from home.

Buying tickets is regularly risky because the weather is so unpredictable, there is the easily real opportunity of blizzard conditions or even a driving ban that prevents us from making the hour-long commute to the arena. My buddy and I can be sure that we’ll need to brush snow off the automobile and scrape ice from the windshield. The heater and defrost will run at max capacity for the entire drive, and the walk from the parking lot to the arena is regularly brutal; It’s necessary to bundle up in heavy snow boots, winter season coat, knitted hat, gloves and scarf, but once they graduated from college, my sons both moved to Florida. One of them lives in Tampa and has become a fan of the Tampay Bay Lightning; Every year, for a Christmas present, he buys tickets to a game for my hubby and I. My buddy and I fly to Tampa and spend a week enjoying the yellow skies, bright sunlight and warm temperatures, then attending a hockey game in Tampa is a much weird experience for us. My buddy and I wear shorts, T-shirts and sandals and run the air conditioner on the way to the game. The walk from the parking lot is pleasant. There are regularly lots of outdoor activities organized for the fans. It’s certainly a relief to step inside the air conditioned arena. I regularly carry along a sweatshirt, because the rink is freezing, but I never end up wearing it. The cold feels refreshing.
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