Arizona has some funky weather during the winter months

We didn’t have to turn on the furnace at all while we were in phoenix

There are a lot of places around the country that I have visited. While I have been living in my rv, I have traveled from one side of the country to the other. I have seen more than two dozen national parks and I have been to every major landmark in the United states. One of my favorite places to go is Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona has very hot and dry weather during the summer months. It’s not the type of place I would choose to go in July or August, but the winter months have absolutely wonderful weather. During the winter months, Phoenix, Arizona has temperatures that are regularly around 50 or 60°. Overnight lows can reach freezing, but it is very irregular. Rain is regularly common during the winter months but it is usually a small amount of rain here or there. Last year my wife and I went to Phoenix during the winter months and we did not have to run our heater at all. The furnace in the RV runs on propane and it can be expensive during the winter months to run the furnace. We didn’t have to turn on the furnace at all while we were in phoenix. We had a small space heater for the nights when the temperature was unusually cold and the rest of the time we slept with an extra blanket on the bed. It was nice to spend the winter in a mild and dry climate. Compared to some of the other places that we have been, Phoenix was easily at the top of our list.

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