A work in the Seattle weed industry

I cherish getting stoned like most people do, but my interest in cannabis goes far beyond recreational use! As a scientist, I look at the plant plus suppose of all the amazing medical benefits that sit within.

  • Then I suppose about what can still be discovered! As science evolves, my pal and I learn more about the things my pal and I assumed my pal and I had all figured out… I got a university degree in botany plus horticulture, plus my goal was to apply this science towards cultivating exciting current cannabis products, what better place to start my work than in Seattle, WA, widely known for developing some of the best cannabis strains in the world? Here is where the story gets crazy, because once I moved to Seattle plus started applying for jobs I saw a whole current side of the industry, but people suppose of potheads as jovial plus slow-witted, but these people aren’t potheads; they are savvy Seattle business owners, plus cannabis is their product.

I had to sign confidentiality waivers just to sit down for an interview with the top Seattle growing operations. All of the various cannabis companies were rivals for the market share in Seattle, plus they were upset about industrial espionage. It took a lot longer than I expected, but finally I was hired by one of the smaller, fringe cannabis labs outside of Seattle. The spend my savings is decent, however I am getting what I particularly wanted out of this experience – firsthand experience plus expertise about the best Seattle cannabis strains. After a few years I will leave Seattle plus start my own cannabis farm.

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