A humidifier for the intense season of cold

In South Bend our heating equipment goes most of the year.

A heater naturally dries out the indoor air quality though. When the air is drier, it feels colder. This results in homeowners upping their thermostats and demanding more out of their heater. It is a vicious cycle of heat and dry air. I have done some research. Indiana sees its fair share of cold. A heating system is necessary. But you can help out your heater, save your energy bills, and feel more comfortable at home for a lower cost. What you do is pair a humidifier with your South Bend heating device. The humidifier typically can be installed right into a furnace. As the heater warms the house, the humidifier adds moisture to the air. The home feels warmer and you can lower the thermostat to save some energy. More moisture in the air quality means less static shock and cling. Other pros include no bloody noses, chapped lips, dry skin, or rashes. Also electronics don’t suffer from shorts and wood furniture won’t crack due to the dry air. A humidifier is quite cost-effective, easy to set up and rewards show up immediately. I am super glad that I reached out to my South Bend, IN company about a humidifier with my furnace. I really liked how simple it was. The HVAC dealer in South Bend got everything up and running within an hour. I didn’t need to babysit him either. I just read for a bit and then enjoyed a home that has adequate moisture.


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