A good atmosphere for wine tasting

I adore wine.

  • When I turned legal I hunted around trying to find the drink that was for me.

I feel corona tastes like pee, and vodka, whiskey, gin, all of those hard liquors are just icky to me. I can’t drink them without a mixer and I don’t like the plan of a sugary mixer with it. Wine just actually stood out to me above the rest. I started getting into wine and where it was made. I started hunting for certain years of particular wines. I now go to wine tasting events in our home state of New Mexico all the time. I love trying new wines and from local farmers. Once a month I make it a fun little evening out for myself. One venue I like to go to is the slate street cafe. It is a more unique evening out when I do our wine tasting. There is a separate wine modern home where you can order food to link with the odd wines you are trying. The food and ambience actually is just wonderful. When a wine tasting is happening at the cafe I am booking our ticket. I usually drag a neighbor with me and we have a great time. It actually gives you everything you could possibly want in an evening out. You get food, booze, a nice atmosphere and conversation. I like talking with the workers at the cafe, the people selling the wine and other people drinking. We wine people have our own little culture and are protective over it. Even if you didn’t like wine, the slate street cafe has something for most people.

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