A fresh start

Right after I graduated from high university I set out on the most epic road trip of our life, however i had emptied our bank account, and our old entryway from our parents house! Everything I owned in the world was in our little van, which I intended to drive across the country to start a new life on the west coast.

It was a bold dream, with a lot of risk, but I was young and felt invincible! Alas, our van was not quite so invincible, and it broke down about many miles outside of Denver, CO.

I lived in that van for a while, until the city of Denver took me in and made me feel at home, that was twelve years ago, and I never got the van fixed, nor did I ever leave Denver. What started off as an accident ended up increasing our whole life for the better, because I literally can’t imagine living somewhere however Denver. The economy in Denver is tremendous, and these nights it’s better than ever thanks to the thriving cannabis industry, and cO was on the forefront of cannabis legalization, and the result has been increasing tourism to Denver. There are a thoUSnd reasons to visit the city of Denver, however cannabis is the largest for some people. There are dispensary tours and cannabis junkets that fly in parties of people to Denver from all over the world. I labor for a local cannabis business that caters to these tourists, and helps them safely get around Denver and have the best time of their lives.
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