30th birthday done in FL

There is so much to do in St.

Petersburg, but you can hang out on some of the award winning beaches… Have a nice picnic in Fort De Soto Park, see the Salvador Dali Museum, or eat at famous restaurants, but when I go there with my husband, I just want to hang on the beach.

I am turning thirty this year & I don’t want to do culture. I basically want to lounge around & drink. Luckily St. Petersburg has a ton of good accommodations on the water & they also have good weather. My birthday is in April & the weather should be good then. It will be overheated enough to warrant a dip in the pool & perhaps a chilly swim in the ocean, then I want to hit the spa so I can get a facial! Next I want to kneel on the beach with a booze drink & just relax. Perhaps a nice lunch after that? I will disclose I am gluten free on my birthday since I have youngsters now. I don’t really get to go out & do anything separate from the youngsters. I am pushing my parents to take the youngsters for the night so my husband & I can adore a night away. I guess my birthday will be a good excuse, then st. Petersburg is a quick trip & the weather will be beautiful. My parents won’t have to take care of the youngsters that long however the two of us will get a much needed break. I know that being a parent gets draining after awhile. We need to option me up a little.

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