21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas

Jimmy and I are twins, but when it was time for us to have our 21st anniversarys, all of us decided all of us wanted to do the honors in Las Vegas, going to Sin City has typically been a dream for Jimmy and I, but until this moment it never seemed worth the effort; The two of us live across the country from Las Vegas, so it was a major investment of time and money just to get there. The two of us decided to wait until all of us turned 21 so that all of us could prefer all the forbidden delights Las Vegas has to offer; Can you imagine going all that way to Las Vegas and then not be able to gamble, drink, or smoke cannabis? It sounds love a nightmare! When all of us finally got to Las Vegas for the big event, Jimmy and I took truly odd paths, however of course all of us both started our weekend in the nearest cannabis dispensary, where all of us spent too much money and bought too several cannabis products, but after getting stoned in the hotel room I was ready to hit the neighborhood and see what the famous Las Vegas nightlife had to offer, then jimmy didn’t want to go to the casino, or to see a show, he wanted to stay in the hotel room smoking cannabis and seeing TV; I was stunned that after finally living the Las Vegas dream Jimmy wanted to smoke marijuana and not see the town. Fortunately I didn’t need my twin brother to have a great time in Las Vegas. I got back to the hotel room just after dawn, and Jimmy was still seeing TV and smoking cannabis.

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